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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CSA Community Involvement Programme 2008

What is it? CSA Community Involvement Programme (CIP) is an event where we as NTU-CSA members can contribute to the community around us. Just as Jesus teaches us to love others, in the same way we can do it by caring the people that need our love in a very simple way.

When is it? This year is the first time for CSA to have this CIP programme, hopefully it can be a meaningful event for everyone. It will be held on Saturday 3rd May 2008, 10 am

Where is it? For this time, it will be at St. Joseph Home, Boonlay. It is a home for the elderly with a lot of wonderful residents that will be more than happy to see our smiles :)

How to get there? Map : http://www.stjh.org.sg/contact.html. For those staying in halls can meet at 9am at Canteen A, we'll go together there.

What will we do there? Lotsssss of things. We'll have the time to interact with the residents there and share our joy with them. Remember that all things that we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do it for Jesus himself.

See you all there!!!! God bless.

To Make Our Home in Jesus,