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Monday, May 07, 2007

Archdiocesan Youth Day 2007

Hi everybody, it's been a quite some time ago since the blog had new posting. Exam has finished and holiday is coming. Opss......not quite a holiday, second year students still have projects, some fyp students still have to do their fyp presentation, and IAers still have 5 weeks to go. First year students!!!! Have a nice holiday! Hmm, oh yeah, the graduate students or maybe working people won't have holiday, at least for the coming 3 months. God bless us all :).

Hmm, there is an event that will be held this July, it is the Archdiocesan Youth Day 2007. They are currently looking for facilitators to facilitate the youths on that day. Maybe later you'll need to facilitate a group throughout the event, maybe through some sharing or games. I am not so sure about the exact activities. And it is always a very rewarding experience, trust me, I have done several facilitating. When you give, you'll receive hundredfolds :).

If you are interested to be one and curious for some other information, please contact Hendri Harmoko in 90690894. Just drop him an sms or a call.

The detail of the event itself is as follows:


Archdiocesan Youth Day 2007

The Youth Ministry Office (YMO) is organizing an Archdiocesan Youth Day on Saturday 7th July 2007. This is for all youth of the Archdiocese who will be confirmed between July 2007 and June 2008.

1. Objective
Give confirmation youths a sense of the larger Church and excite them about being involved in parish life
Provide opportunity for parish youth groups to work together and outreach to confirmation classes
Allow youths across the Archdiocese to network and work together on one event

2. Target Audience
The Youth Day is primarily for youths in their Confirmation year (the “Confirmands”). Parishes that have had their confirmation before July 2007 are to send their next batch of students. Attendance is mandatory. They are to participate fully in the day’s programme from 12 noon to 10pm.

Parish youth groups will play an active role in the running of the Youth Day. Other youths who are not Confirmands and are not helping to run the Youth Day are invited to join the night programme from 6pm to 10pm.

3. Programme Overview
The Youth Day consists of two segments:
12 – 5pm Parish Segment at the respective parishes
6 – 10pm Rally Segment at the Singapore Expo

Parish Segment – only for Confirmands (note that following timings are to be adjusted according to arrival time at Expo 5.30pm)
12.00 noon Registration
12.30pm Welcome & Introductions
12.45pm Games + Warm up
1.15pm Worship
1.45pm Workshop
3.45pm Gather
3.55pm Wrapping up
4.15pm WYD Video
4.30pm Logistical briefing for Expo
4.45pm Dinner
5.15pm At parishes: Loading & Departure for Singapore Expo
At Expo: Registration of arriving parishes & Music

Rally Segment
5.30pm Registration begins
6.00pm Registration ends
6.45pm Rally begins; Highlights: “Jonah & Big Fish” by Hanoj & For Heaven’s Sake productions; Live Band; Special overseas guest speaker
9.30pm Rally ends + Departure

5. Training for youth facilitators
12 May Saturday 2-5pm – Session 1 (repeat)
19 May Saturday 2-5pm – Session 1 (repeat)
23 June Saturday 2-5pm – Session 2
30 June Saturday 2-5pm – Session 2 (repeat)

Parishes are to make arrangements for youth facilitators to come for training together.

6. Cost of ticket for Rally Segment
$10 – Confirmands, youth facilitators, workshop moderators, catechists, band, games facilitators
$15 – Other youths (aged 18 and below), just for Rally Segment
$30 – Other adults (aged 19 and above), just for Rally Segment

7. Publicity
Publicity materials about the Youth Day will be provided by YMO. Parish youth groups are encouraged to organize their own publicity campaigns.

8. Transportation to and from Expo
Each parish will arrange its own transportation (e.g. chartered buses). Please advise CAYC on the number of buses. CAYC will advise on arrival time for each parish.

9. Coordination of time of arrival
Registration at Expo is from 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm. Parishes need to shift the Parish Segment times accordingly (factoring travel time).

10. Parental consent
Parishes are to obtain consent from parents and guardians of Confirmands to participate in this Youth Day.

11. Queries
Any queries regarding the Archdiocesan Youth Day should be addressed to Mrs Winnie Choo at Tel No. 98299354 or to Edwyn, Stella or Daryl (YMO Staff) at Tel No. 62852571

Fr Frederick Quek
Coordinating Youth Chaplain
Youth Ministry Office


Best regards,
Gibran Limi Jaya