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Sunday, June 08, 2008

NTU CSA FOC 2008 Registration

Come Spirit Ignite
FOC 2008 Registration

Date: 22-25th July 2008

Contact Person: Cheryl Kang (97645302)
Rina (96289372)

or visit our website at


Blogger Pauline said...


Hosanna! Music Ministry is having a concert 27th-28th of JUNE this month where they will be using contemporary christian music to touch lives. We think that this will be a great opportunity for your group to come down and have an edifying experience. This is for a good cause as well (in aid of the monfort boys trainign centre). If there are 20 of you, you can get this at a discounted rate os $40 (20% discount). Let Tammy 97906340)if you are interested or email me at pauline.png@gmail.com! We hope to see you there! God bless!

6/17/2008 11:57 PM  

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